This is the bit where I am supposed to tell you a bit about myself. I hate writing my ‘bio.’ What can I say and how can I say it without sounding pretentious? I don’t know so I’ll just say:

  • I’m not a fan of the status quo: how can I be a better husband, father, and man? How can the community in which I live be healthy, vibrant, and dynamic?
  • Pursuing these questions is invigorating.
  • These questions have led me to an undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies and Politics and then a Master of Divinity followed by a Master of Business Administration.
  • I take my Christian faith seriously.




  • My wife says I am happily married (she is a good woman).
  • My sons say I’m a good dad but wish I was home more (I have good sons – yes, I am biased).
  • Perhaps the mundane: I was born in Winnipeg, grew up an hour outside of Toronto, finished school and moved to southwestern Alberta, met my wife and moved to north eastern BC and then Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories (yea! I’ve visited lots of arctic communities), and moved to southern Saskatchewan, central Saskatchewan and now Kindersley.





  • Back in the fall of the 2012 the people of Kindersley elected me Mayor.
  • It has been a steep learning curve that has been much more rewarding and fulfilling then I anticipated.
  • I have been fortunate to meet and work with some wonderful people whose lives are brimming with energy and passion for their cause and community.
  • As much as I have learned about Kindersley, Saskatchewan, and Canada as mayor, I know there is a lot more to learn.


  • As, or because I am, Mayor I have represented Kindersley:
    • Urban Co-Chair of the West Central Municipal Government Committee;
    • Director, SUMAssure;
    • Advisor, Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency;
    • Director, Sask Central Victim Services;
    • Steering Committee Member, Kindersley Health Services Needs Assessment;
    • Committee Member, Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Community Safety and Crime Prevention, Social-Economic Development, and the Rural Forum
  • Thank you for the ride so far as mayor, there is still more to go.