Being CAO

As the new CAO of the Town of Battleford my family and I are looking forward to being a part of Battleford. I will be building on the work of the previous CAO who has retired after more than 20 years and on the work of her CAO predecessors. It is important to note that each generation is given responsibilities to build our community on the shoulders of all of the previous generations.

I’m making this transition from the role of Mayor and I have received this piece of advice from George Cuff, a leading Canadian expert on the governance and operations of municipalities who transitioned from being Mayor to CAO as I am doing: “You will need to take your focus off “how will this proposal sell on main street?” to “does this make good sense from an administrative perspective?””

As CAO I look forward to labouring for what is best for the Town of Battleford. My priorities include:

  • Listening and understanding the direction Council wants to take,
  • Listening and understanding the expertise, experience, and insight of Staff,
  • Listening and understanding the concerns and aspirations of the stakeholders and people of Battleford.
  • Actively taking a solutions focused approach to challenges,
  • Providing the best possible advice for Council and Battleford to make informed decisions,
  • Collaborating, within reason, with the residents and stakeholders of Battleford to achieve their group’s success,
  • Partnering with people and groups to help Battleford be a great place to live, play, work, and own a business,
  • Participating in the life of Battleford building a healthy community, and
  • Collaborating with our regional neighbours to ensure that The Battlefords area is a dynamic and thriving region.

I want to thank the good people of Kindersley for helping prepare me for this next stage and I want to thank the Council of the Town of Battleford for this opportunity.


Thank you to Aaron and Charity for the warm welcome.