A Christmas Parade

I received an email from Jessica Pape regarding some information to organize the Christmas Parade. I was delighted to learn that she and Doreen Friesen are trying to organize a parade for December 21 at 7:00 PM. Here is what Jessica writes.

It’s December and that means it’s the holiday season, lights, hot chocolate and smiles! This year, the Chamber of Commerce, and many other organizations in the community are having a hard time getting volunteers. The Chamber of Commerce is a great piece to our community, and it saddens me to see them not getting the volunteer base they need to do a parade.
With that, Doreen Friesen and I (Jessica Pape), thought we would try and help them pull this community together, and give the
children a parade. We are looking at having the parade the following Monday after the kids get out of school on Christmas break, Monday, December 21st at 7:00pm, we will start lining up floats at 6:00pm.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Pape.

However for this to work, we need the communities help! We need businesses and/or organizations (anyone really) to volunteer
their time to place a float in the parade; it can be simple or creative! Placing a float in the parade is a great way to get your businesses noticed.  
We also need volunteers to help with setting up and taking down barricades, parade safety, and helping us do a general
clean sweep of the area when the parade is done. We realize on the short notice, that this may be hard. But we are lucky to have a really great community in Kindersley and I have no doubts that we can pull this off.
We are also looking for a Santa, what would a Santa Claus parade be without a Santa, and a Santa suit? Oh my! Lots to do!

With that, I believe we can pull this off.
  The holidays are about sharing; being with those we love and cherishing the memories, so let’s do that as a community.  We only have 16 days, give or take!  Can we do this? Yes we can!
Nonetheless, we have created a Facebook group (
facebook.com/groups/442676609275728) to brain storm and organize this event, if you can help out in any way, shape, or size, I want to ask you to join. If you are not on Facebook but want to lend a hand or place a float in the parade you can contact me (Jessica) at (306)-460-5790 or by email JessClarke@live.ca.