Christmas with a Purpose: Jared Thorton

Friday night was a special Christmas celebration. Kindersley Christian Fellowship hosted their annual Christmas banquet with more than 200 in attendance to raise money for Jared Thornton. Jared was injured a couple of years ago in a car accident in which is friend, Riley Volk died and the driver of the other car also died.

Jared is now a quadriplegic is unable to live at home. The Thornton home needs extensive repairs to support the 575lb chair he requires for mobility and his special physical needs. It was a great evening and very moving.


Jared Thornton’s parents Mark and Gayle Thornton 11/27/15

Here are my greetings delivered to the banquet. As usual my actual remarks varied from this outline.

  • Thanks for the great meal and the invitation to join you tonight
  • The KCF Banquet is something I look forward to each year and this year is no exception
  • And this is a particularly special evening as we raise money to assist the Thornton family and to show our support for the remarkable way in which they have turned tragedy into an example of hope and determination
  • Jared, you, your family, and your church, are an inspiration to all of us
  • The Christmas season is a time when many of us pause to reflect on what has been and what may be.
  • It is a season of celebration, of new hope and new beginnings.
  • The birth of Jesus is about a new reality in which we can be become the better angels of our nature to build a community that is beautiful, just, fulfilling, and relationally healthy.
  • For years, Kindersley Christian Fellowship has made significant contributions to the community
    • The iKids ministry has grown into a well respected program for our youth
    • KCF members were instrumental in getting the Kindersley Food Bank off the ground and nurturing its success
    • And as I said earlier, this annual banquet is an event that all of us look forward to each year
  • These are just a few examples of the way in which Kindersley Christian Fellowship embodies the principles of community.
  • Thank you to KCF for supporting Jared and his family and for the love you extend to Kindersley
  • Merry Christmas!
  • Have a safe holiday and
  • Have a happy new year!

Senior Pastors of KCF: Dana and Marge Bailey. 11/27/15

Hearing about the support the Thornton’s have received have made me proud to be Mayor of Kindersley.

Due to time I didn’t finish my remarks

  • I would like to suggest four principles or values that I believe are common to all individuals and that we strive to achieve throughout our lives:
  • The first is Beauty
    • Beauty is a part of what inspires and motivates us
    • It is what helps form our experiences and it is central to the way in which we express ourselves to others
    • Beauty is also about healing
  • Justice
    • We each have the right to live in a world where the freedoms and privileges of one individual are available to all.
    • Whether large or small, and as a child or an adult, I’m sure each one of has experienced an injustice of some kind and we have been convinced of the need to be treated fairly in that moment.
  • Fulfillment
    • Describes the sense of purpose that each of us desires to find in our lives and the satisfaction we have in sharing that with others
    • It is the opportunity to share our unique gifts and interests and to make the world a better place through our contributions
  • Relationships
    • To be known and valued and accepted for who we are and to offer this same acceptance to others
    • Our relationships form our environment and influence the way we live
  • Often, it seems like these four principles or values are out of sort and we wonder how can it be
  • At those times we give thanks for this Christmas season and the birth of Jesus.