FCM Update: Community Safety and Crime Prevention

Yet again today we had some long meetings. One of the committees is Community Safety and Crime Prevention. The Chair, Randy Goulden a Councillor from Yorkton, asked people to identify why participants are on the committee and issues they think are important. As a note: each session had simultaneous translation. Here is a list of some of the things I heard:

  • mental health
    • prisoner parole and release and the amount of medication they receive to manage their mental health – currently they receive two weeks supply
  • RCMP staffing levels
  • weather incidents such as flooding, hail, tornadoes, etc
  • payrolls for career firefighters
  • emergency preparedness
  • gangs
  • drugs
  • community safety
  • training for first responders including debriefing after traumatic incidents
  • public safety broadband network


One of my concerns that I was able to raise is the method that disaster relief is delivered and the minimum thresholds for relief. As I understand the program there seems to be more red tape and delays in restoration resulting in reduced quality of living, greater expenses and downloading expenses to provinces and municipalities. I understand the federal government is reducing their liabilities but it is at the expense  of the provinces and municipalities; FCM is working on this issue.