Ice at the WCEC

Unfortunately there were problems at the WCEC over the long weekend. A week after being inspected by the company responsible for the ice plant and passing its tests, a compressor malfunctioned. The malfunction resulted in the ice being effected in all three rinks; the worst hit seems to be the curling club.

The initial problem started at 11:45 PM of the 26th and again at about 3:30 AM of the 27th. The first problem was the compressor and then the IT failed to notify staff of any problems. At this point, based on the investigation by the manufacturer is that the malfunction was technological.

Currently the ice is being restored at the Events Centre and the C0-Op Rink with the advice of experts our staff have been learning from. Unfortunately the ice at the curling rink has to be rebuilt. Building the new ice is expected to start Tuesday or Wednesday.

The WCEC is being evaluated this year to determine if another $700,000 of repairs need to be made above and beyond the significant investment made in the last couple of years. The thinking is that the ice plant may be too small for the three surfaces. Some of the ambient conditions in the rinks have changes causing further stress on the system as well. Given some of the challenges at the WCEC we are working to determine the best course of action to ensure that the facility’s use is maximized, repairs are cost effective, and that it performs efficiently.