KBEX: Awards of Excellence

Friday night was an awesome recognizing and celebrating excellence. For the first time in about 8 years the awards were hosted at the KI. More than 200 people attended to recognize their neighbours and colleagues hard work and dedication that makes Kindersley a great place to live and work. There were nine categories recognizing and celebrating:

  • Business of the Year,
  • Citizen of the Year,
  • Customer Service of the Year,
  • Employee of the Year,
  • Lend a Hand,
  • New Business of the Year,
  • Rural Roots,
  • Small Business of the Year, and
  • Young Citizen of the Year.

Winners include: Midtown Confectionary for Customer Service, Edge Reality as Business of the Year, George Warman is Employee of the Year, Kinderlsey Klippers for Lend a Hand, Weigers Financial as Small Business of the Year, Rocky Perkins as Citizen of the Year, Double Barrell Vape and Smokes for New Business of the Year, and John Enns-Wind Jr for Youth Citizen of the Year.

My remarks follow.

  • Good evening everyone
  • On behalf of the Council of the Town of Kindersley and our neighbours congratulations to all of the individuals and businesses who are nominated tonight
  • You have been singled out for making a difference in our community and I want to thank you for that
  • Events like this are great
  • It’s an opportunity for us all to come together and celebrate the people whose character and commitment to excellence makes our community better for everyone
  • I want to also thank the Chamber of Commerce for reintroducing the KBEX Awards as well as everyone who submitted a nomination
  • So what is excellence?
  • excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.
  • This is not light praise, and nor should it be taken lightly
  • Excellence is rarely, if ever, in my opinion, achieved by accident
  • Seneca, an ancient philosopher, said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
  • This means, for all those times when good fortune seems to just happen for someone, there are usually many days, weeks, or even years spent in preparation for the moment or opportunity to present itself to be enjoyed
  • I think of excellence in the same way – it requires discipline and hard work of each of us to raise the standard and to live by it everyday
  • This is what each of you here tonight has accomplished
  • In your business, in your own work ethic, and in your interactions with others, you have raised the bar in terms of how you treat your customers and more importantly, your neighbours.
  • It is this constant attention to what Abraham Lincoln describes as “the better angels of our nature” that makes our community and world a better place
  • I learned recently that Kindersley’s namesake, Sir Robert Kindersley, as one of the key shareholders in the Hudson’s Bay Company, played a major role in the development of Canada’s first pension plan – benefitting employees of the fur trade
  • Through this historical connection, we have the opportunity to say that Kindersley has always been linked to excellence – in business, and in goodwill to others
  • My hope is that we will continue to strive for excellence in Kindersley – as business owners, as employees, and as citizens
  • And that our striving toward excellence will continue to build the community that will give us fulfillment for years to come.