Lift Stations: Moving Poop

Administration met with our engineers to review the new lift station, ‘Industrial Lift Station,’ and upgrades to the ’21/7′ lift station. Reviews are always good to learn about how to improve the delivery of projects. At the core of complex projects is the need for good communication.

After the review we did a tour of the new Industrial Lift Station and the 21/7 Lift Station. Here are some pictures for you.


Industrial Zone Lift Station Hut. 12/7/15



Control Panel in the Industrial ZoneLift Station. 12/7/15



Looking into the Pit of the Industrial Zone Lift Station; it is fibreglass. 12/7/15



A closer look at the pit including pumps and sensors. 12/7/15



Some of the controls for the Industrial Zone Lift Station. 12/7/15



The site of the former Danielson Lift Station. Its all gone. 12/7/15



Down the pit of the 21/7 Lift Station. 12/7/15



Down the pit of the 21/7 Lift Station. The black stuff on top is oil and grease from the restaurants, dealerships, car washes along the highway corridor. Degreaser is added about once a week. 12/7/15



Looking inside the 21/7 Lift Station. 12/7/15