RCMP Compliment

This is an excerpt from a complimentary email I received about our local RCMP detachment.

I became aware of Kindersley’s posting in early April. What I consider a classic April Fool prank was the story of the new RCMP horse patrols in your town. Since then I have followed both their Facebook and Twitter posts.

The use of Social Media has become a very important source of providing information to the public. If done properly, one message if interesting can be reposted into the thousand by readers.

Your RCMP have provided a considerable amount of information on happenings in and around your community using Social Media.  Stolen vehicles, thefts etc. This is extremely important and on a few occasions this was done with humour.

The recent post about road conditions done in a rap song style has exploded on the Internet. Edmonton, Calgary and Regina Police Services have tried to out do your community. Not as well of course. This has been reposted or shared thousands of times with positive feedback.
It is also being picked up by mainstream media across the country. Most important it provided information on extremely poor road conditions.

Not only does this have a great public relations value to your RCMP, it shows Kindersley as a vibrant, modern and most important a friendly community.
I would encourage you to assist and promote the Detachment to continue with this great public informational program.

I look forward to the next positive and effective  Kindersley RCMP post.