WCEC Upgrades

This past year the Town spent more than a little money on much needed upgrades. The facility is more than 20 years old and is at a peak maintenance period in its life cycle. When considering all of the Town’s facilities and the required upgrades here are four major criteria:

  • Increase use of the facility by using as much as possible and enhance stakeholders’ experience of the facility,
  • Decrease total cost by reducing operating and maintenance costs and increase inefficiencies,
  • Increase the value of the facility by extending its life and investing with a long-term perspective,
  • Establish operating and maintenance best practices through appropriate funding, increase staff and equipment capabilities, and good governance.

With these four points in mind here are some of the things completed in 2015:


New lighting that is brighter and reduces operating expenses.


Computer controls that are remotely accessed reducing operating costs and increases staff productivity.


New boilers that reduce operating costs and better service for users.


Upgrade of fire suppression system ensuring safety and better experience of water (water is no longer leaking into stands).